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Welcome to Soundfree,all in one sound streaming solution , enjoy miniature chipset including Linux embedded,Microsd socket or NAND flash , battery or DC power, airplay , bluetooth , bluetooth handsfree,FM radio,DLNA reception or sending modes available....Share sound contents around SOUNDFREE OWN Wifi or home integrated wifi network ,control different modes so easy as manage via WEBSERVER or Android/Ios application ..


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Soundfree standard chipset Manual de Usuario en español lanzado
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OEM Minibox

Ready to work minibox offering all the standard Soundfree features plus comfortable styled control panel and multicolor status led , click to learn more about Minibox

OEM Soundfree chipset

OEM chipset gives you the option of produce your own gadgets using standard soundfree specifications and adding a several number of extra options according your company requirements...

OEM HPhones/Speakers

OEM headphones & speakers according different capabilities and additional features,please consult extra functions to implement if you require them